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Business Administration Goethe University

I always wanted to work in music management. So I studied business administration, to lay as broad a foundation as possible.

When the subprime crisis hit in 2008, Prof. Dr. Kraft asked me in a Seminar of his if I’d like to write my thesis at his chair. What a chance! It was amazing to write a mathematical thesis on the hottest topic of the time: The implications of mathematical risk metrics used in banking regulation on the severance of financial crises.

Time Abroad

In China 您好, 认识你很高兴

I learned some Japanese at school. This awakened my fascination for Asian languages. At university, I enrolled in the first course for business Chinese and took a total of four courses. Soon it became clear: I need to go to China!

During the 2006 semester break, I spent 2 months in Beijing at a language school and was able to experience the country and people first hand. During the Women’s World Cup 2007 I supported a German-Chinese exchange project as project manager and interpreter in Shanghai.

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Start-Up Zentuno GmbH

After graduation my brother, a friend of ours with a professional background in sports management and I founded a sport consultancy called Zentuno. From setting up the GmbH to acquiring clients and managing the business plan. We did it all.

I finally left Zentuno for the music industry, but truth be told: We also didn’t fully meet our expectations and made some typical “startup mistakes”. That made a me a strong advocate of the Lean Startup movement.

Market Study China

Connecting the dots with my China experience and writing one of the first studies on the Chinese soccer market for a German Sports Management firm.

Digital Platform

Implementation of a digital fan portal for young soccer fans incl. a writing competition under the auspices of the Philipp Lahm Foundation.


Music Industry Warner Music Germany

Deepening my financial knowledge specifically in the music industry through an internship at Warner Music, i.e. license and payment transaction management and financial statements (US-GAAP / HGB).

Wait a Moment

"Why music"? You may ask

01 06


Music Was my first love

For as long as I can remember, there was music in my life. It started when my great-grandmother left me her piano. As a toddler I already sat on her lap and hammered on the keys.

At the age of 6, I got my first classical piano lesson. For the next 20 years I learned pieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Bartok and especially Chopin.

Thanks great-grandma and thanks, Mom and Dad, for starting and sponsoring this journey!

Play, Play, Play

Band Life How far could I get?

I was already accepted at Berklee College of Music for a summer course in music management and songwriting when I was asked by my dear (musical) friend Jojo if I wanted to join his aspiring band as professional singer and songwriter. I decided to prefer practice to theory – and postponed Berklee.

In many ways, this time was highly valuable for me. Not only that I pursued my dream but gained a whole new skillset – from performing in front of 2.5k people to dealing with criticism.


Record Deal A dream come true

In 2012 and 2013 I acted as singer/songwriter on a bunch of successful German HipHop albums. Well, music labels started to know my name. In 2014 I signed my first record deal and was offered to produce a solo album.

Simultaneously I remained in close touch with my field of study by working as a coach (“Repetitor”) for certified management accountants (IHK) in accounting and business mathematics.

Wrap Up

Musical Successes Passion led me here

Was my musical journey worth the time or should I have rather focused on a classical career path directly after graduation?

For me the answer (luckily) is clear: Yes, it was damn right to do! Why? Because I not only pursued my dream and dedicated time to something  I loved to do but also I found out how far I could get. Still I my professional life today there is rather a day where I do not benefit from an experience or skill that I acquired during my musical journey.

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Hello Berlin!

Consultant Avantgarde GmbH

Business responsibility for a new client account. Development and implementation of the first digital learning platform to accompany nation-wide physical product trainings. Achievement of the highest user evaluation in the event history leading to the further extension of the platform and a user base of 3k users per event.

Until Today

Digital Director Avantgarde GmbH

Since March 2020 responsible for the in-house development of scalable software products for the experience economy.

Before that, focus on classic business development and digital strategy. Strong involvement in building up a new CRM department at Avantgarde.

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